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  1. Source: Pixabay The 3rd and 4th place record-holders were also using .50 BMG, which says a lot about the effectiveness of this bullet. The 3rd longest-range confirmed sniper kill record was by Canadian Army Corporal, Rob Furlong, who shot a Taliban combatant at 2,657 yards (2,430 meters) during the 2002 Afghanistan War campaign
  2. Lapua Bullets 50 BMG BULLEX-N 750 Grains Solid 50/Box. Bullex-N Is a True Match-Grade Bullet For 50 BMG Long Range Target Rifles. The Bullet Has a Superb Ballistic Coefficient compared To Other 50 Caliber Bullets That Have separately Formed driving bands. FLAT SHIPPING
  3. .50 Caliber BMG (.510) Reloading Bullets. Here you can find an extensive selection of reloading bullets for the iconic .50 BMG. The .50 BMG was developed during World War I when looking for an effective anti-aircraft round. It is a scaled up version of the venerable .30-06 (standard issue in infantry rifles for the U.S. in both World Wars)
  4. The standard .50 BMG military load fires a full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet weighing 647 grain (gr) and travels at a velocity just more than 3,000 feet per second (fps) when fired from the M2 heavy machine gun, with a barrell length of 45 inches. Heavier bullets weighing 800 gr and reaching 2,900 fps have also been used

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Design. The .55 Boys is a .50 BMG cartridge necked up to accept a .55 caliber bullet and with a belt added to its case. It performed poorly when compared to contemporary foreign anti-tank rounds, such as the German 7.92×94mm Patronen and the Soviet 14.5×114mm rounds and, as a result, it was quickly deemed obsolete.. Histor 50 BMG API 647 gr FMJ New - 100 count LINKED M8 Armor Piercing Incendiary Full length case resizing to fit all 50 BMG chambers Barrett and Match Chambers 100% Hand inspected50 BMG API 647 gr FMJ New - 100 count LINKE Bullet Weight: 150-220 gr; Velocity: 2,500-2,910 ft/s; Energy: 2,820-4,042 J; Approximate Cost Per Round: 60 cents to $1.25 for match/hunting ammo..50 BMG. Last on our list is the prolifically large .50 Browning Machine Gun round. 50 BMG Vs. 5.56. Everything about the fifty cal is big .50 BMG bullet with primer for simulations etc. The Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users Inert .50 BMG Bullet FMJ Ball Bullet. An inert and fully deactivated cartridge or round in 12.7x99 Nato, also known as 50 BMG calibre consisting of a modern brass case, fired and indented primer and modern FMJ bullet head. Cases are marked T 16, with a Nato compass marking on the base

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  1. Bullet Urn Cremation Keepsake - .50 cal Bullet Urn for ashes in Personalized Laser Engraved Gift Box - 50 BMG URN. BrassHoncho. From shop BrassHoncho. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,274) 1,274 reviews. $52.99 FREE shipping
  2. The bullet is quite weighty, and the cartridge is large to propel rounds of that weight and caliber down the barrel. It seems around 660 grains is the average with quite a few rounds at exactly this weight. The .50 Caliber vs. 9 mm. The .50 BMG is relatively bigger than 9mm bullets
  3. Calculates the ballistic trajectory of a bullet fired from a rifle, handgun or other firearm. Produces a ballistic trajectory chart and table that shows the drop, velocity, kinetic energy, windage, and trajectory of a bullet

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  1. You'll need the right propellant to fill up the 50 BMG's 292.8 grain case capacity. You'll also need 50 cal bullets, quite naturally. 50 BMG bullets for reloading are available in a few different styles and weights. The current world record for longest confirmed sniper kill was achieved using Hornady's A-MAX, which is available in 750.
  2. 39m. ! 50 BMG - Maine Cartridge Company Ammo Black Tip Armor Piercing Linked CAN Free. 700gr. n/a. 100. $399.99. $4.00
  3. .50 Cal API Ammo. Armor Piercing Incendiary ammunition for your .50 BMG, Barrett or bolt action. Shipping included (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii). This ammunition is hand loaded on new Swedish brass and measured to exact military specifications, each component is gauged before leaving our facility
  4. This calculator will produce a ballistic trajectory chart that shows the bullet drop, bullet energy, windage, and velocity. It will a produce a line graph showing the bullet drop and flight path of the bullet. By adding trajectories to the panel on the right you may produce charts and graphs that show the different trajectories side by side
  5. Barrel Lengths & Velocities for the 50 BMG. Bullet velocity is a very important ingredient of successful long-range shooting. This is especially true if that bullet also has a high ballistic coefficient. The higher the velocity, the flatter the bullet will shoot, with less wind drift, more energy when it reaches the target, and an extended.

50 Bmg Bullets found in: Lee Large Series Factory Crimp Die - .50 BMG, PMC X-TAC MATCH Rifle Ammunition .50 cal 740 gr SLD 2728 fps - 10/box, Hornady Quick Detach Universal Mounting Plate System Assembly, Lyman Extra-Large cal. For some of these bullets, it is not worthing measuring the length and calculating the drift (e.g. for pistol bullets). To find a bullet, click on the manufacturer name below then search by caliber, weight and description. Manufacturers Name Percent Complete Aguila: 0.0% Alco Precision: 100.0% Barnes: 88.9% Barrett: 100.0%. 50.Cal American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener - Previously Fired American Flag BMG 50 Caliber Real Shell Casing - American Gifts 4.8 out of 5 stars 325 1 offer from $21.1 Those numbers seem to be pretty goofy, Ballistic Coefficient - BC of 0.364 seems to be way low, standard BC for Ball Ammo should be in the 0.650-0.670 range. Muzzle Velocity - 2,952 is a screaming velocity, HSM AMAXs run around 2,680, and Barrett Ball is around 2,750 50 BMG bullet fired into you can rip off your arms, legs, head, etc. In fact, the . In fact, the . 50 BMG creates a temporary wound cavity LARGER than the average adult male human's torso, meaning if you were shot in the chest, anywhere within 1 mile from the gun, you'd likely be ripped in half

In regards to ballistics, the .50 BMG has a bigger, heavier bullet that delivers a reliable killing shot at ranges up to 3300 yards and take down medium-sized game at these incredible ranges LAPUA - BULLEX-N 50 BMG BULLETS. Guaranteed. Forever. narrow your choices » Show Filters . 2 Item(s) Grain. Ballistic Coefficient (G1) Status. 749-015-538WB 50 Caliber (0.510) 750gr Solid 50/Box. Mfr Part: 4PL1271 Add to Cart. Clearance Caliber:. Pulled 50 BMG 647gr Ball Bullets 100. $89.00. ATTENTION: This product is a component for reloading. Not Loaded Ammunition. If you are looking to purchase ammunition, Click Here. WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm It drops big enough to be sized for 50 BMG and is an inexpensive 500 grain mold. This is a bevel base bullet with no gas check provision. Cast in #2 alloy or harder, this bullet simply tumble lubed will handle reduced loads in 50 BMG. Depending on your rifle, you may not even need to size this bullet if it will chamber for you

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  1. However, you can find cartridges with bullets over 600 grain, which are found in products for the .50 BMG. Most Cartridges Have a General Range of Bullet Weights. Bullet size within a given cartridge can vary, but there is a general range of size for each ammunition cartridge
  2. The Mk 211 is a very popular .50 caliber sniper round used in the Barrett M82 rifle and other .50 BMG rifles. It is also often used in heavy machine guns such as the M2 Browning. Due to its popularity, several U.S. arms manufacturers produce the round under license from NAMMO Raufoss AS. There is also a tracer variant, the Mk 300 (NM160 in.
  3. This bullet is a spitzer with a shorter ogive for hunting purposes with a 50 BMG rifle. 50 BMG 700gr x .035 SPZ As a hunting bullet, performance is outstanding, just like the smaller (Hawk bullets
  4. 750 Grain .510 50 BMG Subsonic Expanding Bullets (Box Qty - 20) In Stock 0. Price: $40.00. SKU 224-77G-SUB-EXP. 77 Grain .224 Expanding Subsonic Projectile (Box Qty - 50) In Stock 6. Price: $34.00. SKU BRAKE MUZZLE BRAKE. In Stock 0. Price: $50.00. SKU 300BLKBRASS NEW JAG 300 BLACKOUT BRASS. In Stock 0. Price: $0.25. SKU Plasticbo
  5. Berger Bullets & Ammunition, provides access to a level of factory ammunition never seen before in the ammunition industry. Leaders in Extreme Long-Range Bullets. Precision engineering and tight tolerances make every Berger Match Grade
  6. 50 BMG Ammo Supply - 50 cal Ammunition for the rifle and machinegun. 50 BMG BRASS - never fired pull down or military surplus brass. 100 pcs. $1.95/ ea. Add to cart. 1000 pcs. $1.85 / ea. Add to cart. Email for larger quantities
  7. um color tip characterizes the bullet. The M33 Ball is used in over 30 countries, including Britain, The United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. It features and soft steel bullet and a plain bullet tip. This bullet is usually used for practice

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The 1-1/2-inch—12 Bullet Puller is designed for use on the AmmoMaster®—2 or AmmoMaster .50 BMG press. Using the .416 or .50 BMG bullet puller collets (sold separately) allows the quick removal of bullets from loaded ammunition to salvage components. Features 50 BMG is one of the most unique cartridges on the market and offers tremendous long-range marksmanship. Though it was originally developed for 1000+ yard shooting, the long-range rifle caliber can now be found among fans of shooting sports, big game hunting, cowboy action shooting, 3-gun competitions, and target practice Hobby shooting with this bullet wasn't as big a thing back then, but the match-grade market today has grown along with this bolt-action 50 BMG. Armalite is an Evolution The Armalite AR is an evolution of the first gen that appeared all the way back in 1997 kilojoules). The .50 BMG round can produce between 10,000 and 15,000 foot pounds (between 14 and 18 kilojoules), depending on its powder and bullet type, as well as the rifle it was fired from. Due to the high ballistic coefficient of the bullet, the .50 BMG's trajectory also suffers less drift from cross-winds than smaller and lighte

There are 4 main types of 50 BMG bullets, and their weights differ slightly. The 4 most popular sizes are the following: 42 grams (647 grains) - Speer / ADI 45 grams (700 grains) - Barnes 49 grams (750 grains) - Hornady 52 grams (800 grains) - Barne The .50 BMG round can produce between 10,000 and 15,000 foot pounds (between 14 and 18 kilojoules), depending on its powder and bullet type, as well as the weapon it was fired from. Due to the high ballistic coefficient of the bullet, the .50 BMG's trajectory also suffers less drift from cross-winds than smaller and lighter calibers, making. 50 BMG 750 gr A-MAX ® Match™. We carefully select every component to ensure uniformity, then load to exacting specifications to provide pinpoint accuracy. Each cartridge is loaded with either Hornady ® A-MAX ® bullets, our high-performance boattail hollow points, or the new, radically superior ELD ® Match bullets

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50 Cal BMG - 660 Grain FMJBT - PMC - 10 Rounds. 9 Review (s) $36.00. $3.60 per round. 94 In Stock. Add to Cart. Quantity - 10 Rounds per Box. Manufacturer - PMC. Bullets - 660 grain full-metal jacket boat tail (FMJ-BT Lee Classic Cast 50 BMG Press Kit. At last, an affordable way to reload the monster 50 BMG. This kit includes everything you need to start reloading the 50 -- the Lee Classic Cast Press, set of 50 BMG dies, shell holder, ram prime tool and tube of case sizing lube.This kit also includes a shell holder insert, large and small primer arms and die reducer bushing to accept standard 7/8-14 dies so. Here is the conundrum..... I bought some API 639 Grain pull down bullets from 50 BMG Supply. I got the Hodgdon H50BMG powder for reloading. Now, one of the charts I found has the bullet weights starting at 655 grain bullets using 248 grains of H50BMG powder. Hodgdons reload data chart starts with a 750 grain bullet using 233 grains of H50BMG. 50 Caliber Bullet Razor 50-RAZOR / 50 BMG Bullet Razor / Mach 3 / USMC Razor / Military Razor / Father's Day Gift / Wedding Gift / Custom. BulletDesigns. 5 out of 5 stars. (6,637) $34.95 FREE shipping The 1 1/2-12 Bullet Puller is designed for use on the AmmoMaster-2 or AmmoMaster .50 BMG bullet puller collets (sold separately) allows the quick removal of bullets from loaded ammunition so that you can salvage your components

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  1. .30 Cal. BULLETS + 300AAC BRASS 500cnt. Each - Armscor 147gr FMJ-BT Bullets + New Unprimed BRASS *FREE USPS SHIPPIN
  2. RCBS 50 BMG Bullet Puller Collet Visit the RCBS Store. 4.5 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Fits RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center Carbide primer pocket uniformed 50 BMG.
  3. Our 50 BMG ammunition is ready for action. Encased in Barrett head-stamped brass, every cartridge is loaded with noncorrosive powder and primers as well as a 661 gr projectile using state-of-the-art machinery. Ammunition is sold in 80-round cases. Bullet: 661 gr M33 Ball. Bullet Weight: 661 gr

Hornady Ammunition Hornady Match 50 BMG Ammo 750 Grain A-Max Boat Tail. Free Shipping Eligible! $79.99. $8.00 Per Round. Rating (s) 5 5. (30) 30. Add To Cart Product Overview. The .50 BMG M33 Ball 660 grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) from Lake City Mfg. offers reliable feeding and great ballistics. This ammunition was produced by Lake City Mfg. to NATO specifications and is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. Muzzle Velocity: 2910 fps. Made In United States of America 50 BMG Bullet sizing. The bullet sizing die kit includes the sizing die, Bullet Punch, case, and Liquid Alox Bullet lubricant. If you intend to size pulled .50 BMG bullets, you need to do the following. Remove the .50 BMG shell holder from the top of the ram. Install the standard ram end back on the ram The .50 BMG (12.7×99mm) is a cartridge developed for .50 caliber machine guns in the late 1910s, entering official service in 1921. A common method for understanding the actual power of a cartridge is comparison of muzzle energies. The .30-06, the standard caliber for American soldiers in both World Wars and a popular caliber amongst American hunters, can produce muzzle energies between 2,000. Lapua bullets are practically handmade. Lapua has been manufacturing high-end bullets for a long time and for a multitude of applications. The D46, which we developed way back in the 1930s, is still one of the best industrial full metal jacket projectiles. While development has focused on Lock Base and Hollow Point bullets that withstand high.

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.50 BMG FMJ: 15 0.375: 4 Explosive 8 Steel 2 Lead -2778, -2703 Located inside burned container .50 BMG AP: 15 0.375: 4 Explosive 8 Steel 2 Copper 221, -3376 From Spawn Room in Hermelinen Bunker: Left Right and Down both stairs, Follow the corridor, Right and through the red door, Follow corridor and go Right, Again follow and go Right That second thing is especially helpful in this case since .50 BMG is hard enough to track down as it is. Hornady 50 BMG 750 gr A-MAX Match is Hornady's only ammunition for .50 BMG, but the Match line is one of the company's best. The A-Max FMJ bullet features a low-drag tip and a boattail for optimal performance 50 BMG - 660 gr FMJ - PMC (50A) - 200 Rounds. $ 699.00 $ 599.00. ( $ 3.50 $ 3.00 per round ) Add to cart BRP. $6.50. COMPETITION-SOLID Long range. Type of Bullet: ACCULUBE coated Bronze solid. This bullet requires a bore rider chamber in the rifle. It is a long VLD design and well proven in many competition setting. This is the bullet that has won many many matches including the FCSA World Championships

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And that's where the Barrett M99 comes in. It was designed specifically for the .416 and .416 only. The M99 is a single-shot, bolt-action precision rifle that was made in conjunction with the .416. Although, today, many servicemen and women are converting their .50 BMG Barrett M107's with .416 because of the extended range, more kinetic energy. Caliber: 50 BMG Bullet Weight: 750 Gr Bullet Type: Ballistic Tip Case Type: Brass combine_review: H8270,H8270BRICK,H8270CASE,H8270 The 12x70mm (12 gauge) is a shotgun cartridge used for shotguns in Escape from Tarkov. 1 Description 1.1 Weapons that use it 2 Types 3 Trivia Shotguns 590A1 M870 MP-133 MP-153 MP-155 Saiga-12 The cartridge size is wrongly spelled: the caliber designation should be spelled 12/70. 12x70 would mean a 12mm projectile diameter when the 12 gauge ammo is actually 18.5mm, bigger than a 20 gauge.

50 BMG Minimum Maximum Bullet Weight: 750 gr Case Trim Length: 3.900 S.D. 0.412 Bullet Style: LRS Primer: CCI # 35 B.C. 1.070 COAL: 5.450 Barrel Length: 32 Case: LC 05 Twist Rate: 1:15 Charge Velocity Charge Velocity Load Powder (grains) (fps) (grains) (fps) Density (%) RL 25 190.0 2509 201.0 2639 87 US869 223.0 2574 235.0 2708 93 VIT N170. 50 BMG HARLOW SOLIDS & HORNADY A-MAX BULLETS. BULLET TYPE. PRICE WITHOUT SHIPPING. 705gr. Harlow (MOLY) Works In All Guns! Solid Semi-Bore-Rider. $2.40 - EACH. 705gr. Harlow (NON-MOLY) Works In All Guns It will a produce a line graph showing the bullet drop and flight path of the bullet. By adding trajectories to the panel on the right you may produce charts and graphs that show the different trajectories side by side. This can be useful in comparing cartridges or loads. .50 BMG. Drag Function: G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 1.05 These silver bullets are a unique silver bullion option and accurately reflect the size and shape of actual 50 caliber rounds, though they are not operable. Right now, 10 oz Silver Bullet 50 Caliber BMG products are available to purchase online from JM Bullion. Bullet Highlights: Arrives inside of a custom box with fitted sleeve 50 BMG Ammo In Stock 50 BMG Ammo For Sale From Top Ammo Vendors. Find the best deals on in-stock 50 B.M.G. Ammo from various retailers. Look no further for your .45 Auto Rim ammo from different retailers' websites.. Bulk Cheap Ammo has a huge collection of ammunition for Rifle, Handgun, Rimfire & Shotgun from various ammo retailers in one place only.. Bulk Cheap ammo is your one-stop ammo.


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Corbin offers 50 BMG reloading die sets with 1-1/2 inch x 12 tpi threads, which fit directly into the CSP-2 and CHP-1 press heads without the use of adapters. These are standard 2-die sets, for depriming, sizing, and seating the bullet. Custom bullet seating punches can be provided to exactly match the ogive of a given bullet, if desired Bmg Bullets found in: Hornady Match Rifle Ammunition .50 BMG 750 gr A-MAX 2820 fps - 10/box, RCBS 1-1/2 inch-12 Bullet Puller - Collet, MTM 50 BMG Black Ammo Box- 20/ct, Lee Large Series Factory Crimp Die - .50 BMG, Hornady Lock-N. Here is a load #5230 from Reloaders Nest for the 800 gr Barnes solid. This is a MAX load for a solid copper alloy bullet in 50 BMG. A cast bullet has lower friction in the bore and will have lower pressure too. Starting 10% or more below this load would be a reasonable place for your NOE 800 gr cast bullet American Marksman - 50 BMG M33 Ball 660 Gr. - 150 Rounds. Description: American Marksman 50 Cal ammunition consists of Lake City brass, boxer-primers and 660 Grain FMJ projectiles. This round is packaged in 150 CT Military Surplus ammo can. Designed for long range training and target practice

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Up-cycled Brass Products using bullets - Brass Honcho's line of 50 cal BMG bullet products include Bottle Openers, Bullet Pens, Bullet Dummys, Real Bullet Flashlights, Bullet Flash drives, Bullet Urns, Bullet Keychains & Moscow Mule Mugs with a real .50 BMG handle are all made in the USA by a US Veteran Re: Lightweight Bullets in 50 BMG 50 BMG, by definition, is a sledgehammer on living creatures. Especially inside 1000y. I'd be worried that bullets in the 350gr range are for a pistol case like the 500 SW and you're going to end up throwing them so fast they may never reach the target Im getting into bullet casting, and recently learned they make .50 bmg bullet molds, for a 800g bullet. im REALLY interested in trying some of those out. that would be fun as hell to cast your own big assed lead 50 bmg bullets for plinking Completely inert cartridge in .50 BMG or 12.7x99 which is assembled from deactivated and fired Nato stamped brass case, 650 grain FMJ ball bullet and an inert brass cup substitute in the primer pocket. Originally developed for anti-aircraft and anti-materiel purposes, this is one of the largest round still qualifying as a target round for. This is slightly surprising, as you might assume the smaller bullet size of the .338 Lapua Magnum would result in faster speeds, but the .50 BMG's massive case, which means more propellant, launches the projectile with greater velocities. Winner: .50 BMG (Slight advantage) 338 Lapua vs. 50 BMG Energy. Finally, we have a clear winner

Bullets and necks are tested for runout to insure straightness and improve accuracy; We use a special low drag inside chamfer system exclusive to our company to insure that the bullet and the coating is not damaged on bullet release- THIS IS OUR EXCLUSIVE!! BENCHREST QUALITY 50 BMG AMMUNITION FOR YOU! ORDER TODAY! 520-586-2582. or. Built since the 1930s, the 0.50 (12.7 mm) caliber Browning Machine Gun (BMG) M2 (Ma Deuce) is still one of the world's most widely used heavy machine guns. Employed today on many USN ships for action against hostile small surface craft and commando-type attacks which might occur in restricted waters The powder and bullets were easy to find, but I had trouble rounding up primers. The BMG takes a CCI 35 primer, and most places sell them in lots of 500. Most outlets I checked were out of stock, but I got some from a friend who owns a gun shop in Post Falls, Idaho, called Going Ballistic

Range Systems has added the 50 BMG Bullet Trap to its family of portable bullet traps that are unsurpassed in quality and ballistic performance.The 50 BMG Bullet Trap accommodates ammunition that exceeds 600 fps, up to and including the 50 caliber BMG round.The 50 BMG Bullet Trap safely stops and contains bullets without ricochet or back-splatter and the self-healing shooting surface ensures. Description. 50 BMG (12.7×99) 606 Grain APIT Match Grade Ammunition. This ammunition is manufactured in the USA by FedArm. The projectiles are high quality hand pulled 606 grain M20 APIT (Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer Silver+Red Tip) projectiles which have been cleaned, resized, and inspected before loading. The cleaning process may lighten the painted tips of the bullets slightly, and. The -H type presses all handle both bullet making and reloading. (The -S Press does not have sufficient stroke to handle either 50 BMG swaging or reloading.) Bullet Jackets can be purchased, or made from either 1/2-inch copper tubing or from 0.093 x 1.4 copper strip. The tubing jacket maker, CTJM-1-H, can be found under Jacket Makers

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The accompanying table shows the long-range drop and wind deflection differences between a 220-gr. .30 cal. match bullet with a BC of .65 and an 800-gr. .50 cal. bullet with a BC of 1.0 In 1932, Fred Barnes began selling bullets made in his Bayfield, Colorado basement workshop. Over the next 40 years, the company gained a solid reputation by offering premium bullets to hunters who rolled their own. The Barnes Original became known as the top choice for African game Pulled 50 BMG 647gr Ball Bullets . Rating: 100%. 10 Reviews. Starting at $45.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. 223 52gr JHP Match Bullets No Cannelure . Rating: 100%. 4 Reviews. Starting at $21.00. Out of stock. Add to Wish List. 223 52gr JHP Match Bullets With Cannelure . Rating: 100%. 1 Review. Hornady Match .50 BMG Ammunition 10 Rounds A-Max BT 750 Grains 8270 Hornady Match .50 BMG Ammunition 10 Rounds A-Max B.. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for RCBS 50 BMG Puller Collet 9448 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

At 100 and 300 m the 600-grain SAX bullets in combination with the Swiss RS80 powder were the best. Johannsen's 700-gr bullets hit slightly better at 500 m. All in all, the accuracy of the M95 with a relatively short barrel for a .50 BMG gun is more than okay. Especially since the Barrett is only supposed to unfold its true effect at long ranges Federal American Eagle - .50 BMG, 660gr, FMJ, Box of 10 [XM33] CA$59.95. Add to Cart. Check All. Add all products to Cart (Total Products: 0) 1 Item. Show Bullets. Rifle Bullets. 17 Hornet Bullets; 204 Ruger Bullets; 22 Hornet Bullets; 22 Savage High Power Bullets; 222 Bullets; 223 Bullets (.224 diameter) 243 Bullets; 25 Caliber (25-06) Bullets; 257 Weatherby Bullets; 270 Bullets; 30 Carbine Bullets; 300 Blackout Bullets; 300 Savage Bullets; 303 Caliber Bullets (303 British) 30-30 Bullets; 308. The .50 BMG Press comes standard with 1-1/2 x 12 bushing to convert the die head to the Hornady Lock-N-Load® system that accommodates any standard 7/8 x 14 die. Purchase the optional Shell Head Adapter (Item No. 392172) and load any centerfire cartridge you want. This is especially useful if reloading long cartridges that require a very long.

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Refine by Primer Style: 209. #11 Magnum Percussion Cap. Refine by Primer Style: #11 Magnum Percussion Cap. 209 In-Line. Refine by Primer Style: 209 In-Line. 209M. Refine by Primer Style: 209M. 50 Caliber BMG. Refine by Primer Style: 50 Caliber BMG 20 product ratings - Vintage Lee Double Cavity Black Powder Bullet Mold 50cal 90396. $100.00. 0 bids. $8.00 shipping. Ending May 2 at 6:30PM PDT. 2d 11h. LYMAN 50 cal MAXI BALL steel BULLET MOLD . 504617 370 grain. Mold block only Barrett Model 82A1 .50 BMG Rifle System Pkg 13317, .50 BMG, Semi-Auto, 29 in Barrel, Black Finish, w/ Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14X50 Scope, ZERO-GAP Rings, Monopod, 10 Rd, 1-3 Week Delivery Hinterland #: 3012 How fast the bullet leaves the rifle as measured by a chronograph. For very accurate results, remember to account for the velocity lost in the 10-15 feet between the muzzle and the chronograph. As a rule of thumb, a bullet looses 5-15 fps in this short distance 10 50BMG 647 grain full metal jacket pull down projectiles. Pulled bullets from military surplus ammunition

Wet-tumbled and polished, once fired .50 BMG rifle brass. May include a variety of headstamps and manufacturers. Spent primers are still in the cases and should be removed before beginning the reloading process. Extra brass cases are included to make up for unusable pieces or other defects that may slip through our screening process 12 Gauge .50 BMG / M17 Tracer Sabot Shells - 3 Units Per Package $19.99 Add to Cart Order# G12-050. Order# G12-050. You have to see this round to appreciate it. A real live .50BMG / M17 Tracer round that has two Sabot sleeves so it comes straight out the end of the barrel. It lights just as soon as it exits the barrel and burns a good, 3-4. The aerodynamic secant ogive profile, the sharp and pointed tip and the unequaled concentricity of the A-Max design give this bullet an extremely high ballistic coefficient for near perfection in flight. The A-Max bullet is the ultimate result of more than half a century of studying bullet performance. Every aspect of accuracy has been designed into the A-Max, from its Ultra-Low Drag tip to. Commercially made ammo also covers a wide range of applications, even in the 50 BMG line and as such, has to satisfy many firearms possibilities. Make no mistake, the rounds DO work but to get the best out of your particular rifle, reloading is the best way to achieve this

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