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Same scale as the Lego Saturn V (Approx 1:111) Over half a meter tall, this Space Shuttle is in scale to the Lego Saturn V, and would make the perfect companion piece. Please share and let others know about this project to make this a reality that you can bring home and build LEGO Set 8480-1 Space Shuttle - building instructions and parts inventory (As a LEGO space fan this admittedly bothers me somewhat.) That was the primary inspiration for my project; to close that gap in LEGO's space themed sets and improve upon sets like 10231 Shuttle Expedition and 7470-1 Space Shuttle Discovery. As a UCS-style set, detail and accuracy is key. Features include: Opening payload-bay doors Build your Space Shuttle to the same scale as the Saturn V! Ready for play or display. Known affectionately as the Flying Brick, what better way to honor the iconic Space Shuttle than building one out of Lego! - Get your nano-fig crew ready on the two decks and launch the Orbiter into space using the Main Engines and Boosters

ItemName: LEGO Space Shuttle, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: 1682-1, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigures and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace Up-close look at the main space shuttle set from LEGO's summer 2019 lineup with two astronauts, two drones, and a surface rover.⏩ My LEGO speed builds: http:.. Raul Oaida launched the Lego model 3367 attached to a helium balloon from central Germany and it reached a maximum altitude of nearly 115,000 Feet. For more. This original set can become a hit with LEGO and space shuttle fans.The LEGO Shuttle Expedition has 1,230 pieces, several of which are exclusive to this set. This is an advanced Technic build set, and it's recommended for people 14 years of age and older. If you've got a younger LEGO maniac or engineer, they may need some adult assistance

  1. 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is the largest, most detailed space shuttle the LEGO Group has ever created - so will this set leave you feeling over the moon, or is it just a waste of space?. The Space Shuttle was NASA's low-Earth orbital spacecraft system, operating from 1981 to 2011. There were six built in total, with Discovery the third to be constructed
  2. LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226 Space Shuttle Toy Building Kit with Mars Rover and Astronaut Minifigures, Top STEM Toy for Boys and Girls (273 Pieces) 4.9 out of 5 stars. 8,351
  3. LEGO set database: 442: Space Shuttle. Site Statistics. There are 17,895 items in the Brickset database.; Brickset members have written 37,452 set reviews.; 9,384 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 20,790 in the last 7 days, 33,593 in the last month.; 555 people have joined this week. There are now 240,295 members.; Between us we own 31,317,862 sets worth at least US$990,806,173 and.
  4. d staring at an eye-popping Hubble image, be sure to thank.

LEGO has produced various renditions of the Space Shuttle and 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery appears exceedingly accurate. The model measures 54cm in length which is larger than previous designs and has enabled the designer to create shapes which have proven very challenging in the past, notably including the distinctive nose 8480 Space Shuttle is a motorized TECHNIC set released in 1996. It has 1366 pieces. This set was one which features a fiber optic system. The motors power the bay doors, the robot arm and the satellite. The arm can turn and bend and the satellite solar panels can open and close. The fibre optic system is used to light up the engines. The shuttle also has hand-operated landing gear and flaps. Instructions For LEGO 60226 Mars Research Shuttle. These are the instructions for building the LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle that was released in 2019 ItemName: LEGO Shuttle Expedition, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: 10231-1, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigures and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace Items related to LEGO 442-1 Space Shuttle available on eBay. Buy lego classic space 442 space shuttle (1979) instructions only. Buy lego 442 space shuttle classic astronaut. Buy vintage lego space set 442 space shuttle 100% parts complete euc! Buy lego classic bricks on a roll 442 pcs 10715 limited edition

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) (10283) 278,23 €. LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226 Space Shuttle Toy Building Kit with Mars Rover and Astronaut Minifigures, Top STEM Toy for Boys and Girls (273 Pieces) 4.9 out of 5 stars 10,891 $31.99 $ 31 . 99 $39.99 $39.9

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  1. Instructions For LEGO 10231 Shuttle Expedition. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Advanced Models Shuttle Expedition that was released in 2011
  2. The NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set (MSRP $199.99 USD) releases Thursday (April 1) with 2,354 pieces to put together. It's far from Lego's first shuttle set, and long-time Lego fans probably know.
  3. LEGO Mindstorms Space Shuttle. 634 likes. Scale model of the NASA Space Shuttle. Integrating 4 NXT flight controllers and 2 remotes, the shuttle can move side to side and move its Canadarm
  4. Aug 4, 2017 - Explore Andrew Harkins's board Lego Space Shuttle on Pinterest. See more ideas about lego space shuttle, lego space, space shuttle
  5. ifigure. The midsection features opening doors.

You can now get a closer look at LEGO 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery ahead of launch thanks to a designer video, including some behind-the-scenes knowledge on the development of the set.. The accompanying designer video for the latest large LEGO model has now released, giving us an intricate glance at the most recent product of the LEGO Group and NASA's continued collaboration Milan Madge, LEGO Set Designer commented The Space Shuttle is the most complex vehicle ever made, so as you can imagine, translating this into LEGO was an exciting challenge.In the real vehicle, every inch of space is used in ingenious ways. Generally, in a LEGO model we can rely on the size to accommodate the structure that holds the whole set together, but on the Discovery Space Shuttle. LEGO 10231 LEGO Space Shuttle Expedition is a 1,230 piece exclusive set with 3 minifgures released in 2011. Shuttle Expedition is a re-release of 10213 Shuttle Adventure and was first available to LEGO Ambassadors at LEGOLAND Billund. Shuttle Expedition is a partially redesigned version of set 10213, Shuttle Adventure, which LEGO released in 2010

The new LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, which was developed in collaboration with NASA, is a complex 2,354 piece build that pays homage to this pioneering moment in space history and marks the 40th anniversary since the first Space Shuttle flight on 12th of April 1981 Lego set designer Milan Madge grew up watching the space shuttle program from England, and used to play with Lego sets in the garden — perpetually dropping bricks in the grass, he told Space.com. This is KingsKnight's Lego Ideas Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale, approximately 1:110). All credit goes to KingsKnight. I did not create this design! I just wanted to build this out on Mecabricks to see how it worked, as I want to build this for real LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle Space Shuttle Toy Building Kit with Mars Rover 60226. LEGO. 4.9 out of 5 stars with 86 ratings. 86. $31.99. MSRP $39.99. LEGO City Space Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control Model Rocket Building Kit with Minifigures 60228. LEGO. 4.6 out of 5 stars with 40 ratings

I designed a Lego Space Shuttle to scale with the recent Lego Saturn V set. Since I get this question a lot, it is more proportionally correct than the 10231 and 10213 Shuttle, and is also accurately scaled to the Saturn V :) I posted a version of it on here before, but this one has been adjusted and finally submitted it to Lego Ideas Friss hírek - LEGO játékok RAKTÁR-ról, akár másnapra Önnél lehet! Változatos akciók a közkedvelt Kockavilag.hu LEGO szaküzletben LEGO City Space Port Shuttle di Ricerca su Marte, Giocattoli da Costruzione per Bambini Ispirati dalla NASA, con Rover e Drone, 60226. 4,8 su 5 stelle 786 You're viewing: Ultimate Display Solutions wall mount display for Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 $ 36.00 $ 32.00. Add to cart. Celebrate the wonders of space with this LEGO® NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) model building set for adults. With 2,354 pieces, this engaging challenge lets you build the Space Shuttle Discovery, plus the Hubble Space Telescope, launched on NASA's STS-31 mission in 1990. An astronaut's view Packed with features

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  1. Lego is releasing a new Space Shuttle Discovery set, complete with a Hubble Space Telescope, for the 40th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch
  2. Beleef buitenaardse avonturen met deze LEGO® Creator 3in1 set Spaceshuttle transport. Rijd de krachtige dieplader naar de lanceerplaats, laad de supergave spaceshuttle uit en stuur hem de ruimte in. Open vervolgens de deuren van het vrachtruim en gebruik de ingebouwde kraan om de satelliet in een baan in de ruimte te brengen
  3. A wonderful brick adaptation of the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, the 10283 set is without a doubt one of LEGO's most fascinating creations yet! Our display case is designed for seamless construction while also offering added security for this innovative LEGO creation
  4. The LEGO Group, therefore, found a good opportunity to release an improved, more detailed version of a space shuttle. Why the Discovery Shuttle and not Columbia? While people were expecting a Columbia Shuttle, for some reason TLG decided to provide a version of Discovery, which was really the third shuttle to blast to space
  5. Buy lego space shuttle at a great price. It's not just the rocket launcher but also lego space shuttle
  6. Updated 7:50 PM ET, Mon March 22, 2021. Lego's model of the space shuttle Discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope in its cargo bay. (CNN) Lego is launching a new set that is out of this world.
  7. LEGO has had a long and rich history with Space Shuttles, from Creator Expert, to Technic, to Creator but the 2021 LEGO Space Shuttle is most definitely the spiritual successor to 7470 Space Shuttle Discovery-STS-31 which was released in 2013 and was a collaboration with the Discovery Channel.. Nonetheless, it's been over 10 years since the last Creator Expert-scale 10213 Space Shuttle which.

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  1. i build polybag. Rp60.000. Harga Lepin 16014 Space Shuttle Expedition Compatible Lego 10231. Rp925.000. Harga Lego Creator 10283 Space Shuttle Discovery
  2. Purchased thie Lego Space Shuttle for my son's 5th birthday and it was the perfect product for a child his age. It stimulated his curiosity in the NASA shuttle program as well as space travel. I am proud to say that he assembled the shuttle himself with limited guidance and direction from me
  3. LEGO Shuttle Expedition Set 10231 Instructions Viewer. If you've lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building instructions for the LEGO Shuttle Expedition Set 10231. Download instructions PDF plans for LEGO Shuttle Expedition Set 10231 (Booklet 1

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The LEGO NASA Discovery Space Shuttle is a new 2,354 piece set, designed to inspire the explorers of tomorrow and those with intergalactic tastes. Back in 1990, the Discovery Space Shuttle was used to deploy the Hubble Space Telescope into space LEGO 6346 Shuttle Launching Crew Reviews. P Smyth rated this set 4 of 5 stars 05/02/2015. Even though I was 27 at the time, she knew I had loved Lego as a kid and was a fan of the space program. (I built it and stored it for all these years in a box.) I found it and just gave the completed set to my 8 year old, who is very excited

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A Lego tribute to the end of the space shuttle era. Proving that although retired, this machine can still fly, albeit in toy form. The launch took place from central Germany and reached a max. lego 10213 Space Shuttle - Legosammlung Auflösung. EUR 61,00. 20 Gebote. EUR 4,99 Versand. Endet am Heute, 19:48 MESZ. Beendet Lieferung an Abholstation One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Uniforms. Clothing Set Andrew Harkins' NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale) recreated the winged spacecraft last launched in 2011. It was sized to match LEGO's NASA Apollo Saturn V set co- created by Roche. The 3.28-foot-tall (1-meter), 1,969 piece Saturn V rocket is about 1:111 the scale of the real booster that flew astronauts to the moon almost 50 years ago Hoewel deze LEGO Technic set lang niet zo gedetailleerd en afgewerkt is als menig LEGO Space Shuttle, is het wel de enige in zijn soort. LEGO Discovery 7470 Space Shuttle Discovery-STS-31 Wie denkt dat de 10283 Space Shuttle Discovery de eerste set is waar enkel de Space Shuttle zonder raket in voorkomt, heeft het mis

LEGO officially launched the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set 10283 today, March 22, 2021. You can see our post HERE. However, if you watched the LEGO designer video we posted, you might of noticed a life-sized brick built helmet in the background, behind designer, Milan Madge LEGO Space Shuttle 3367 is a fantastic and straightforward kit for kids. It helps build their interest in the world of Space and science and engages them in creative ways of learning. This kit has two astronaut Minifigures. It will help kids to know about astronauts and what they do Celebrate the wonders of space with this LEGO® NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) model building set for adults. With 2,354 pieces, this engaging.. Celebrate the wonders of space with this LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) model building set for adults. With 2,354 pieces, this engaging challenge lets you build the Space Shuttle Discovery, plus the Hubble Space Telescope, launched on NASAs STS-31 mission in 1990. An astronauts view Packed with features, this build marks the amazing accomplishments of Discovery. Open the payload bay. This Lego City Mars Research Shuttle is a slick-looking shuttle that opens to reveal space for its two astronauts to sit plus a storage drone, perfect for carrying the included geode bricks. There's also a rover with a grappling arm, but the little touch we love the most is the scanning heli-drone, which has a red panel that, when held over a.

2354 顆粒. 年齡: 18歲或以上. 這款用於成人的LEGO®NASA NASA發現號穿梭機(10283)模型構建套件將帶您進行探索之旅。. 通過NASA 1990年STS-31任務創建航天飛機發現和哈勃太空望遠鏡時,您可以享受數小時的沉浸式建築。. 檢查所有真實的功能,包括打開的有效載荷托架. The Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is made up of 2,354 pieces and is amazingly detailed in true reflection of its full-size counterpart, complete with functional landing gear, and payload bay doors that open one after the other. The doors also feature reflective stickers to mimic the cooling radiators found on the real shuttle orbiter As with many of its adult-targeted model sets, Lego is including stands allowing the Discovery Space Shuttle and the Hubble Space Telescope to be displayed separately, and a third stand that can.

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9to5Toys' Take: At the end of the day, the LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery is about as faithful of a recreation as you can expect from LEGO, at least for the price. That alone is going to make this an easy recommendation to NASA fans, as it looks quite lovely up on display Lego's 2,354-Piece Space Shuttle Discovery Is Worth Every Penny. Branson's Virgin Orbit in talks with former Goldman partner's SPAC for $3 billion deal to go public. How much the world's most. For Readers. This LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 model comes with about 2,354 pieces which are enough to offer you a challenging but rewarding building experience of two different sets. This toy space shuttle has many amazing features that make it look realistic, such as the elevons, the opening cockpit, seats on the mid-decks, solar. Designed with adult builders in mind, the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery packs a lot of detail into that two-foot (0.5 m) package. The landing gear deploys, the control surfaces on the wings (elevons) move and the payload bay doors open to expose the reflective radiators, the Canadarm robotic manipulator, the Ku-band antenna and even video cameras for the crew to monitor the activities.

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The LEGO Group released its City Space Shuttle line and Denmark's first astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, arrived at the International Space Station carrying 26 LEGO figures specifically designed for his mission, as part of a collaboration between LEGO and the European Space Agency. — 2016 Lego has made a number of space shuttle sets over the years, but none has been as detailed as this 2,354-piece set. The finished orbiter is a substantial 21.8 inches (55.46 cm) long with a 13.6. Reading Time: < 1 minute It's April 1st and the new LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) is becoming available on LEGO.com as timezones hit midnight.. I discussed this set in my previous post.And if you read that, you've probably guessed how excited I am to see this excellent Creator Expert version of the amazing Space Shuttle and Hubble Telescope BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS FOR 3367, Space Shuttle, City Space Port Set Number: 3367 Theme: City Space Port Launch Year: 2011 Space Shuttle - 3367 File Size - 8.86 Mb Description - BI 3017 / 72+4 - 65/115g, 3367 V39 Download Space Shuttle - 3367 building instruction Space Shuttle - 3367 File Size - 8.85 Mb Description [ Lego Ideas Space Shuttle Free Instructions. Instructions. I finally sat down and compiled instructions for my Lego Ideas Space Shuttle. This version has been improved over the original Ideas submission, so it's stronger and more stable. Some notes on these instructions

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Space Shuttle ist ein Baukasten des LEGO System, der als Exklusives Modell erschien er. Der Baukasten hat 1230 Teile und drei Minifiguren. Er ist im August 2011 für € 89,99 erschien. Es handelt sich hier um das verbesserte Modell vom Baukasten Shuttle Adventure 10213. Dieser Baukasten hat auch 26 Teile mehr, als sein Vorgänger. Füge ein Bild zu dieser Galerie hinzu Produktseite im Shop. Das Lego-Modell vom Space Shuttle ist fast einen halben Meter hoch und besteht aus über 1200 Legosteinen. 2010 erschien Nr. 10213 Shuttle Adventure und im Juli 2011 folgte der leicht verbesserte Nachfolger Shuttle Expedition (Nr. 10231)

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Lego Raumfahrt 1979-1989 Jahr. Set. Abbildung. Deutsch. Englisch. 1979: 885. Astronauten-Auto mit Forscher. Space Buggy. 889. Radarwagen. Radar Truck. 891 / 442. Raumpatrouille. Two Seater Space Scooter / Space Shuttle. 894 / 452. Mobile Funkstation. Mobile Signals Centre / Mobile Tracking Station. 897 / 462. Space-Explorer für. LEGO 10944 DUPLO Town Space Shuttle Mission Rocket Toy, Set for Preschool Toddlers Age 2+ with Astronaut Figures. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 16. £17.99. £17. . 99. Get it Tomorrow, Jun 4. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon In questa recensione del LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 vedremo come finalmente questo set è tutto quello che sognavamo, e anche di più. I designer LEGO hanno infatti pensato di celebrare una delle missioni più famose della storia dello Shuttle, la missione STS-31 della NASA del 1990 dedicata al lancio del telescopio spaziale Hubble

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40127-2 Space Shuttle Uniqlo was a 39 piece promotional set released in 2016. This set was available for sale in Uniqlo stores in Hong Kong and Macau. People who purchased Uniqlo's LEGO T-Shirts received an exclusive 40130 LEGO Uniqlo Polybag set. The set contains one of four random LEGO Mini Model Builds from LEGO Brand Stores (40127 40128. Unlike the the last Creator Expert Space Shuttle 10231 that LEGO produced, this is said to only be the shuttle and not a rocket booster. This is set to be a similar design to Space Shuttle Discovery-STS-31 7470, which had 828 parts. However that set retailed for $49, so we know that Columbia will be larger in size at a higher price point Dear Lego, I really enjoyed this space shuttle set as there are many cool and awesome features. As soon as I saw this particular set, I immediately thought of a mission for the Minifigure. That's how fun it is. I started by making a the (very easy) shuttle. It was cool as the Minifigure gets a place to sit

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The LEGO Space Shuttle fills space enthusiasts and LEGO fans. After having enjoyed building piece by piece this jewel of the American aerospace, hours of play the head in the stars begin ! This object full of nostalgia is also an element of original decoration for all those who like to talk about space The LEGO Discovery features an orbiter with functional landing gear, payload bay doors, working elevons, and a rudder. It also includes the famous Hubble Space Telescope, which can either be folded and contained within the shuttle's spacious cargo bay or expanded with a solar array and displayed separately This is a large acrylic display case designed for LEGO® 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery. Requires assembly using 16 screws provided to assemble the front, back, sides, base and top panels. The top is secured to the rest of the case, which lifts away from the base. Made from 3mm thick clear acrylic. LEGO model not included Ref:175255. LEGO 60226 City Mars Research Shuttle Space Toy. £21.99 RRP £24.99. Ref:194305. LEGO 10944 DUPLO Town Space Shuttle Mission Rocket Toy. £17.99. Ref:175257. LEGO 60228 City Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control Set. £50.00 RRP £89.99

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The IDEAS International Space Station (21321) comes with a miniature model of a space shuttle. And while that has its place on the space station's stand, the official LEGO product page literally includes the statement dock the shuttle with a picture (that's also on the box) of the space shuttle approaching the front of the ISS model in order to dock LEGO City Space Shuttle (3367) Expertenmeinung: Testbericht: Note 1,5. LEGO City Space Shuttle (3367) Günstigster Preis. 98,10. The products in this article were provided for free by LEGO; the author's opinions are not biased by this. Hot on the heels of last year's 21309/92176 Saturn V reissue and the 21321 International Space Station, the latest instalment of the LEGO-NASA collaboration takes the form of an incredible Space Shuttle Discovery model LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle Space Shuttle Toy Building Kit with Mars Rover 60226. LEGO. 4.9 out of 5 stars with 73 ratings. 73. $31.99. MSRP $39.99. Shipping not available. Not at your store Lego 10231 Space Shuttle komplett mit Anleitung und OVP Sehr selten von 2011. EUR 279,95. EUR 5,99 Versand. oder Preisvorschlag. 19 Beobachter. Lieferung an Abholstation

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Lego Duplo 10944 space shuttle missie Creatieve, leerzame speelset met een spaceshuttle die open kan, figuren van astronauten, een buggy, een radar en een ladder voor eindeloos fantasierijk speelplezier (23 onderdelen). Geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 2 jaar. Dit artikel heeft ean 5702016911039 Il set LEGO #10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery sarà disponibile direttamente nei LEGO (Certified) Store e su LEGO.com dal 1° aprile 2021. La storia del programma Space Shuttle In einer früheren Version des Artikels hieß es, dass die Vorstellung höchstwahrscheinlich bereits am Freitag, 19.03.21, stattfinden wird. Offenbar wurde dies nun allerdings auf die nächste Woche verschoben. (Originalbeitrag vom 22. Januar 2021) Dass das LEGO 10283 Space Shuttle im Sommer 2021 als Creator Expert Set erscheinen wird, scheint. In case you missed it, the LEGO Group has officially announced another set that celebrates their creative collaboration with NASA. Unveiled earlier this week, the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) celebrates the launch of the original NASA STS-31 together with the Hubble Space Telescope in 1990.. The commemoration of this historic event is now immortalized in LEGO form through the LEGO. NASA Space Shuttle Discovery belongs to the Advanced Model series building block set, the entire set contains 2354 block pieces. Lego 10283 will be released in 2021

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April 2021 ist das LEGO 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery im LEGO Onlineshop verfügbar. Ab Juli wird es voraussichtlich auch bei einigen ausgewählten Einzelhändlern erscheinen, zunächst bleibt das Set allerdings LEGO [] Das Space Shuttle geht ab dem 1. April in den Verkauf im LEGO Online Shop und kostet 179,99 Euro Ugh, I want a Saturn V scale Shuttle so bad. I saw you posted your instructions in another reddit post. But there were a couple of questions asked that never got answered. Are the parts like the cockpit readily available from lego? Also do you know the approximate cost to buy all the pieces individually from lego Custom Replacement sticker for Lego set 1682 - Space Shuttle (1990) Sticker is transparant and precut Disclaimer: This sticker is a Custom Replacement of the original sticker made the by LEGO Company or a custom sticker designed by Brickstickershop

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The LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set will be available across LEGO Certified Stores and LEGOLAND from April 1, 2021. You can get your hands on one for US$199.99 (RM799.90 for those shopping in Malaysia). Former NASA astronaut and crew member of Space Shuttle Discovery, Kathy Sullivan. Image courtesy of LEGO Southeast Asia Startklar: Das Set LEGO 10283 NASA Discovery Space Shuttle mit Hubble-Teleskop wurde offiziell vorgestellt - alle Infos vor dem Review. Update: Das Space Shuttle Review von Roland ist nun online! +++ Das exklusive Set LEGO 10283 NASA Discovery Space Shuttle mit Hubble-Teleskop der 18+ Produktreihe wurde offiziell vorgestellt: Dank der verbauten 2.354 Teile ist der Baumeister den Sternen ganz. LEGO Clone Wars The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle 75314Shuttle (75314) from Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It features large wings that move up and down for landing and flight modes, 2 spring-loaded shooters and an opening dual LEGO minifigure cockpit and rear cabin with space.

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Space is the final frontier, and LEGO is helping fans explore it as they announce their new NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model set. The set is 2,354 pieces and captures the historical 1990 STS-31. LEGO Stadt Space Shuttle Weltraumport (6456) + 6459 Raketen Tank Truck ohne OVP. EUR 79,00. EUR 14,00 Versand. oder Preisvorschlag. LEGO 70923 BATMAN MOVIE THE BAT SPACE SHUTTLE New & Sealed FREE POST. EUR 186,18. EUR 40,73 Versand. oder Preisvorschlag. Lego 31066 Space Shuttle Explorer - Retired Product NASA and LEGO have unveiled the Space Shuttle Discovery kit complete with the Hubble Space Telescope that was launched during the agency's STS-31 mission in 1990